I am interested in the relationship between physical presence and physical space and the resulting dialectics of inner and outer form. The question of location is placed within cultural, institutional, and psychological contexts. The object or the viewer can reveal the shape of a place, or the place of the body can be indicated as a void. Charging sculptural objects and spaces with meaning is an invitation for a physical interaction, as well as the questioning of why things are the way they are, and what would happen if they change.
Animal and human forms are stripped from narrative syntax of the body and reflect on the Posthuman condition. Animal subjects are used to open up human understanding of animal experiences, while the differences between humans and other species, nature and culture are deconstructed. The correlation between individual and collective experiences and the irresolvable tensions between the two are explored through an object's reaction to another object. Found and handmade objects are reexamined through transformation from their inanimate state into something that can balance between different contexts.
I use anything from the concreteness of clay to ephemeral materials and found objects to reflect on the organic and technological experiences of ourselves and our lives. The interplay between matter, space, object and time conveys the various meanings of my work.